Monday, April 6, 2009

Not A Good First

This post is about a week over due, but it has taken me that long to be able to formulate the courage to finally put my thoughts down in a blog. Something happened and it was very scary, but I feel I need to share it now.

On January 1st I blogged about this being the year of new things and change, but what happened the night of the BurghMom dinner wasn’t what I had in mind and I hope this is the end of firsts like these.

I was out having the time of my life with the wonderful BurghMoms when I got the call my mom was being life flighted to the hospital. With that information I was out the door running to my car, when I fell. (yes the BurghMoms told me to be careful, but did I listen? No.) After I safely drove home and picked up my hubby, baby and Dad, we were on our way to Shady Side Hospital. Before we got there my sister, who lives in Erie, had already made several phone calls and had mom’s situation assessed. My mother had a heart attack and was on her way to the cauterization lab to see if she needed any stents. I was trying hard to keep it together because we really don’t know anything yet, but it’s really hard, especially since I’m in pain from my fall. Once we arrive at the ER the staff was wonderful in helping us. My Dad was taken to the surgical waiting area while an ER nurse convinced me to have my finger looked at. The ER staff saw my mom when she arrived so they were keeping me updated and kept calling up to the lab to see her progress. They did their best to hurry me through the ER so I could get up to my mom, but my mom beat me out!

The prognoses were I had a broken pinky finger, my first broken bone ever, and needed to follow up with an orthopedist, and my mom needed 1 stent for an artery that was 100% blocked. She will eventually have to go back to get 2 more for 2 arteries that are 70% blocked. She got to go home 3 days later and is doing great. She is in wonderful spirits and raring to go. As long as she stops smoking, eats healthier and takes her medication she shouldn’t have another one. The staff at Shady Side couldn’t have been more wonderful. All the doctors and nurses were great and kind. We couldn’t have asked for better care.

This is something that was/is very hard for me because not only is my mom my mother, she is also my best friend. I talk to her every day at least once and she helps me with everything from “how long do you cook a roast?” to “what do I do with the baby?” and everything in between. I’m not sure I would know how to go on without her. So I’m very grateful and blessed that she is ok. Thanks so much to everyone who was sending good thoughts and prayers her way.

So we can check broken bone, parental heart attack and scare of one’s life off the list of things to do and put them on the list of things that should NEVER be done again. Here’s to any future first post being about fun things like my first time skiing or cute baby firsts like crawling or walking or talking or plain old cuteness like this.


  1. This made me cry. I am sooooo glad that she is okay and will be there for so many of Elianna's firsts.


  2. I'm glad to hear that mom is doing better. that was always a phone call I hated to get.

    that pic is completely adorable!

  3. I'm glad things are looking up for your mom. Our next get-together should be way less eventful. And the baby? OMG adorable!

  4. What a sweet picture! I'm relieved for you that your mom is doing well. A first baby can be scary and having a mom to help, even if it's just a phone call, is such a relief. Keep your chin up!

  5. I love the lizard baby picture. Just so you know you can call your big sister for some of those things too (I even sometimes remember to write down things like how long to cook the roast so I don't have to call mom every time, just every other time). :-)

  6. I'm so glad she was OK. Next time we get together, there will be noooo drama, got it?

  7. I'm glad she is recovering, and I hope your finger is feeling better...

    Scary stuff.

    And Burgh Baby is right: next time you join us NO drama is allowed!

  8. Am done with the drama!
    And Thanks big sis!