Monday, October 5, 2009

Life has a funny way …..

Saturday started off just ok. I was running late (what else is new) and had to get out the door for Weight Watchers and when I got there I had gained 1.6 lbs L. Not a huge surprise since my points dropped drastically when I stopped nursing, but I was in a crappy mood. However, there was flackle football to be watched. The entire family gets in the car and heads down to watch my hubby and the rest of Yinz Team play some flackle football. CRAP, I left my cell phone charging in the apartment. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. Once we get to Frick Park we learn that most everyone had canceled, so no flackle.

Not all was a loss, Elianna enjoyed some much loved time outside and those of us still left at Frick Park 45 minutes later were going to lunch. Lunch was great, Elliot, me, Elianna, Anthony, Jim, Amy and little Jack enjoyed some Applebee’s in Edgewood. Elianna and Jack were even spotted holding hands, very cute. Then Anthony decides to walk home despite Jim’s several attempts to ride him back home. Now it’s around 2:30-ish in the afternoon and we are on our way back home. We merge onto the parkway heading home, there is a little bit of a back up, we come to a stop. Then the traffic starts to move (why do Pittsburghers have such a hard time going around bends and tunnels?). Just as we start to move, CRASH, we are rear ended. Nothing puts your life in perspective quite like an accident. I was in the backseat with Elianna, trying to get her to finish her bottle, and Elliot was driving. We pull over and so does the guy who hit us (THANKFULLY). Everyone was ok and the car, the car that isn’t a full year old yet, is drivable, but most likely will need a new rear bumper as the drivers side of the bumper is no longer fully attached to the car. The air bags didn’t deploy, so I’m assuming the other car wasn’t going that fast. Elianna was shaken up and very leery about getting back in the car seat, but she seems ok now.

Now you might remember that we were cell phone-less, a big thanks to Jim and Amy who ended up seeing us pulled over, stopped, called the police, and left us with a cell phone just in case. That was really awesome! (and I guess a thank you to Anthony for walking home otherwise Jim and Amy wouldn’t have been on the Parkway then.) To make a long story short, the police came we filed a report and they arrested the guy. Oh did I not mention he was drunk off his *ss? I think I will be joining my local MADD

Thankfully everyone is ok. The accident could have been a lot worse, or he could have ended up killing someone had we not be able to call the cops and he continued driving. I think I got the worse of the accident as my neck and shoulders are very sore. I will be heading to Dr. T today in hopes that he can cure me and I will be able to pick up my daughter again, because right now, it is very painful to pick her up, which makes me cry. That 1.6lb gain seems like nothing now. Honestly, I have been thinking about going back to the chiropractor, but now I have to. Sadly Elianna has already been in her first automobile accident at the tender age of 8 months. I pray that it will not negatively affect her. It did cause us to not be able to go out Saturday night, but we spent the night with my parents who came over to babysit and had a very nice evening.

Lesson learned (or what I think I should have learned) is: Everything happens for a reason, all we can do is sit back, pray everything will work out and enjoy the ride, even when you do have whiplash.


  1. WOW I'm so glad you all are okay. AMEN. I hope the whiplash heals quickly. Blessings! Shawna

  2. Thanks, I'll keep you posted after my appt. today.

  3. Dr. T did his amazing job and I am feeling 10x better. Not perfect, but better. will test with picking up baby later today ;)

    Spine is very out of sorts though. My neck looked like this-- / --- not good.

  4. Wow - you just described one of my biggest fears! When I first had Ethan, I was terrified to take him out of the house b/c there is just so much you can't control. So glad you and your family are ok!

  5. Eek! I didn't know you had an accident!!! I'm glad everyone is ok! Dude was drunk at 2:30 in the afternoon???? Jeeeezus.