Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The End of a Year

Today my little girl turns one. We have been together for 365 days. She has taught me more about life, love, and happiness in one year than I have ever learned in the 30 years I've been on earth. Elianna is the greatest gift I've ever gotten. I am excited about what the future will bring for us, but I am also sad that I will never get that first year back. I just only hope that the bonds we formed during her first year of life will last a lifetime.
I've heard from others, for years that time goes by too quickly, I don't know if I've ever agreed with them before today. Elianna's first year was the fastest year of my life, I don't expect life to slow down, but I do hope that I will make the best of it and make it a fun ride, not only for Elianna but for the whole family. But if it could slow down, I would be grateful.

Today I rejoice in the wonderfulness that is Elianna's first birthday and celebrate her first year of life, and pray for many, many, many, more years.

This is what a one year old looks like.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo Update

I've not been slacking in my Project 365 photo taking, just simply slacking in uploading. I have no real excuse. I've just been lazy. I wish I had done something of interest in the past 5 days, but sadly that isn't the case. Two items to report: 1) My eye twitching stopped and 2) I did get a new cell phone :), but I am waiting for it be shipped :(. It's nothing exciting, not a 3 g, but hopefully I will be able to hear, unlike my current phone. Which by the way Samsung told me they could fix for $75...which my new phone was cheaper than...

Anyway here our my photos.

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles, They Rock!

Cat naps

The young amateur dentist hard at work

"Greetings, welcome to my dinner!"

The January Thaw!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So as I mentioned in the last post, now is the time I talk about my eye twitch. My left eye has been twitching for a week. Now it's only off and on, it's not constant. If it was, I would have had to end it all days ago. It is the weirdest thing. I mean, I have had eye twitches before, but they always came and went. It's never been a full week. I have no idea what is wrong, but I can tell you it's very annoying. Just when I start thinking it's gone for good...BAM! The twitching starts. I did a WebMD search and you can't find eye twitching or eye spasm in the list of symptoms, so I think I am going to live. But I do wish it would stop. Doing a non scientific poll of the folks I know, stress is considered to be the main cause. But I will tell you I am not under any more stress than usual. So I am not sure that is the cause. If anyone out there has any remedies, I would love to hear them. I am on the verge of desperation. I just simply hope they will end soon.

Oh, before I sign off here are the latest 365 photos-kitty edition

Monday January 11th

Tuesday January 12th

Sunday, January 10, 2010

more photos

Started out normal enough, until I got a migraine and the little one started cutting teeth. That made for an interesting morning/afternoon. By late evening we were both feeling a bit better. But I did manage to get this great photo for my 365 project. My little 2 fisted drinker. :)

Was super busy, Church followed by shopping followed by rehearsal followed by be wanting to fall over. Little Elianna was able to catch my mood just right.

That is why this post is so short. Tomorrow I hope to post the wonderful news about my never ending eye twitch. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New ?

Things I learned in 2009: I can't keep a resolution. I pretty much failed at all of them, especially the writing more. I will now take a page from Thomas Edison and not look at is as failure, but simply a life lesson. Lesson being: I don't do well with resolutions. This year I am going back to basics. I will focus on the simple things in life-family, friends, theater :) and myself. No resolutions, no weird goals, just more of what I love. No one is perfect, and now I will relish my imperfections and not look back. Would I like to have had a blog post for every day of Elianna's first year, yes, can I fix that now? NO! So I will sum up her first year with one word: AMAZING!! I have no idea what I did with my life before she came along, nor can I imagine a day without her. She has gone from a small immobile sleeper to a rollover wonder, to a crazy crawler, to an almost toddler now who pulls herself and is trying to learn how to walk. She still doesn't have any teeth, but she loves to eat especially spaghetti! She is her dad's daughter. Her smile lights up a room and her laugh can turn the grumpiest of moods on its ear. I hope she will look up to me the way I look up to my mom, but all I can give her is the best I have and pray that is good enough. I will attempt to keep at this blogging thing because I really do love it, but I hope to not only chronicle Elianna, but the entire world she is growing in. So here is to a new year! PS I've also joined Project 365 (a picture a day for year) I will post them here. Since I started yesterday here are my 2 pictures:

January 7, 2010

January 8, 2010