Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Damon's Grill, Less Fun Than Advertised

Tonight's dinner adventure started out on a bright note. The parents asked if we wanted to go to Damon's in Monroeville for dinner to use up our Christmas Gifts from my sister. We said sure.
So we arrive around 6:30pm and to our delight Wed. kids eat FREE!!! SCORE!!! Elianna can get her own food, mamma doesn't have to share :)!!

I had a certificate from and 2 $10 gift cards (I guess they weren't real gift cards, but my sister said they were, they were little cards that said $10 at Damon's on them, so I'm not sure what else it would have been). We were told we wasn't allowed to use them together by the server. Which was insane. Both had been paid for and Damon's already received their money, but we couldn't use both. Whatever, I was too busy trying to remember my log in for the trivia game (which is the only reason I go there) to raise a stink.

My Dad orders Prime Rib...but oh wait, they don't have Prime Rib today, because they only have it on weekends. WOW, really? Where did it say that...oh that's right no where. CRAZY!!!
The time was ticking and the baby was getting a bit fussy, she wanted her food, but there is no food in sight, not even our appetizer. About 20-30 mins later we get our appetizer and shortly after, her food!!! Did I mention the place was DEAD??Luckily the kid is easily entertained.

When Elianna was half way through her meal and our main courses were on their way the server says "my manger said that the kids meal won't be free tonight because you are using the gift-cards" That manager is lucky, I had a mouth full of food and the hubby just said "That's fine." The manager refused to come out and tell us, they made our poor server do it. I'm sure if I started yelling I would have seen the manager, but Elliot wanted to cut our losses.

And to top it off our meals were kinda crappy actually. Elliot's ribs were all stringy and my skillet sizzler was covered in a cheese they advertised as a jack cheese, but didn't really taste like it. It was only so so.

I didn't look at my watch again until we were about to leave, when it said 8:05 pm. I would like to point out that there was about 4 other tables in the entire restaurant and it took us 90 mins to complete a meal. Honestly! That's insane! Most of the time spent was waiting for our food. I fed Elianna for a good 10-15 mins. before my food got there.

Overall we just had an awful experience there, and I wouldn't recommend going there to anyone. I still have this gift certificate to use, but I actually might not even go back to use it. That's just how bad it was.

I did send them a message via their website on how disappointed I was with my experience. Hopefully they will use it fix their service, until then I don't think anyone should eat there.

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  1. the only reason why I ever went to a Damon's was because of the trivia game. The one on McKnight was decent but the food was hit or miss.