Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Write Stuff

Writing use to be my thing. I loved it. I never thought I was any good at it, so I decided not to make a career out of it. I use to write all the time; especially back when I didn't have a computer. I found it calming, soothing, relaxing, wonderful. Then life happened. I went off to school got busy got married had a job so the writing slowly went by the wayside. And that was just fine. I had other outlets. I still did write. I wrote reviews, I wrote plays, and I got a few pages into my 'great American Novel.'
I got to the point where unless I could sit down and finish something in one sitting, I wasn't interested in doing it. Again that is how I always wrote. But when I couldn't find the time to write, I stopped. It has taken me a few years to realize that a blog would be a perfect forum, and I missed it.

When this year started I resolved to make a blog. I did that, but I haven't posted much. It's been hard to find time to write. I would just much rather spend time with my cute little girl, and when she goes to do I. But something needs to change. I need to find the time to write for myself again.

I've been noticing that I have no way to vent, no way to release my stress. In high school when I was upset I would get out my notebook and write. Mostly bad poems, but some prose too. And 12 years later I find myself stressed, angry, and frustrated again. I may or may not be able to share the causes of these feelings here, but know that it is normal stuff that I'm sure you all have in your lives. Since I had no outlet for these feelings. So I did what most girls do, I turned to chocolate. But I don't want to gain 100 lbs. so I'm going back to writing. I am hoping that I will entertain whomever reads this blog as well as find the release that I need. I am writing. I might not be the greatest writer, but I hope it is the cure for what ails me

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