Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parenting Tip of the Day

When you go to a restaurant, you better have food for the baby. For the past 6 and ½ months I've enjoyed going out to restaurants with both the hubby and the baby and never having any issues. She would sit there play in her car seat and have a good old time. Now she has started sitting in a high chair which is wonderful, but don't be caught without food! This lesson was trying to be taught to us last night, but it really sunk in today.

Last night we ventured to Fuddruckers for a wonderful early b-day dinner and my free b-day burger. I came armed with a jar of pears. Little did I know I wouldn't get to eat! We couldn't get the pears into her mouth fast enough. We supplemented with some potatoes, but as it turned out we had to alternate burger eating to keep the little one contented. Lesson not fully learned there: The baby wins. If you are out, she comes first.

So this afternoon we went to Qdoba for my free b-day burrito (life is so good). We fed the baby right before we left and drove the 3 mins to our local Qdoba. We sit down to eat 2 mins later and boom!!! Baby wants food! Now she can't possibly be hungry, but she has now decided if she is at a restaurant she needs to be eating like the big kids..err her parents. Thankfully she is still learning to use a straw so a cup of water did the trick. But I will say the lesson now has been learned...I will never go to a restaurant without baby food EVER AGAIN nor do I plan on ever being able to actually eat at one, not at least until she can feed herself.

The upside is we have no problems with her eating. Which is very nice, she loves food....especially potato, but don't let her doctor hear that ;-)


  1. I never realized the truth from A Christmas Story when Ralphie narrates that his mom hasn't had a hot dinner in years. We've taken Jackson out to eat a few times and on each occasion its been an adventure

  2. Ah yes, this is always true! My daughter is three at the end of this month, and I have to say, even as she gets older, we typically don't get to just sit and eat, though it *is* better than when she was just getting into solid foods.

    I, too, started a blog a while ago and haven't updated much in the past year. Good luck on your writing journey!