Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your love is like Bad TV, and Bad TV is what I need

I would like to consider myself an educated woman. I would like to think I have good taste. I enjoy reading and museums and the theater and the symphony. So why is it I can't get enough of bad TV? I wish I could say my bad TV addiction was limited to classier fair that comes on the history channel or at least TLC, but sadly I'm addicted to VH1. It started out harmlessly with a little Scott Baio here and bit of Bret Michaels there. It was so innocent and fun like a train wreck where no one got hurt except slutty whores. Well Scott Baio's show was a bit better done and there weren't as many whores and it felt like a real show.
But I was hooked. I've followed it up with several seasons of both shows, including the new Rock of Love Bus. But they turned out to be just gateway TV. I soon fell into very bad TV, probably the worse TV ever. With shows like Celebrity Rehab, Rock of Love Charm School and I Love Money. I can't stop. I must watch these ex-strippers, former celebrities, and wanna be celebrities live their life and fight for their man, their sobriety and even for a few bucks. This is worse than Lifetime. I just can't turn the channel. I've even taken to Tivoing these episodes!
These folks are so classy that in the last episode of Rock of Love a bi-sexual stripper put a test tube shot in her va-jay-jay and another chick (who is only a lesbian when she has been drinking) drank it. Nothing says quality TV like some wanna-bes trying to be famous and doing ANYTHING to prove it.
I wish I could turn away from this TV and focus on quality fair like the new or PBS, but even as I type this I am looking forward to Sober House....Andy Dick joins the former cast of Celebrity Rehab and try to live in LA Sober!!!! My TIVO IS SET.

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