Monday, January 19, 2009

Hang Over Monday

It all started Saturday night. With the snow. So we decided that Sunday we were 'snowed in' and didn't have to go anywhere. Which was very exciting for me a Lazy Sunday. Just look how beautiful it was outside.

So since I wasn't going anywhere, why bother showering and getting dressed right? And what harm is that? There was no motivation, and sadly the motivation hasn't set in today either.
Well on a normal Monday I would have no problem, but today is Hang Over Monday! The Steelers won the AFC Championship last night. It was such an exciting game I thought I might go into labor during the 4th quarter! Luckily I didn't. But I was up late watching the news, and just enjoying the win. Thankfully today is a work holiday so I didn't have to get up early and get dressed, but now I still see no reason to shower and get dressed. The only thing that is helping me is that I think the cat is avoiding me until I shower ;). That and I need to go to the Post Office. I'm also stuck between feeling gross and not caring. Which is sad. So I will just suck it up and shower and be done with it. But the lesson learned is, it's never good to let a Lazy Sunday turn into a Hang Over Monday, because then I think you are just one step away from being mistaken for being homeless.
The good thing about today is that WTMD in Baltimore will be broadcasting 6 songs from WYEP Pittsburgh today at 1pm. This was all part of a bet between WYEP and WTMD on who was going to win the AFC Championship. Looks like WTMD lost!! Take that Baltimore. I hope it's the Here We Go Song 6 times in a row!!!

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