Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God Loves Donuts

This was my morning. I woke up early, and thought "Sweet Jesus, I'm up early I can stop at Dunkin Donuts, let me sit and watch the news for 5 mins before I shower."
Well, 45 mins later, I wake up on the couch just in time for my usual shower time, but since Hubby had to shower too this morning this put me on late time. So after we both are ready we head to the car. He's driving me to work, I look at the clock, and see that I need to be at work in 15 mins, but it's at least a 30 min drive. So I make the decision, it's donut time. Screw on-time-ness, heck I was staying late tonight anyway and I really wanted some donuts. So we drive the 5 mins out of the way to Dunkin Donuts. SCORE!!!
I decide to try to make things better at work, since now I should be pushing 45 mins late, I would buy everyone some munchkins. This way they will forget what time I walked in the door. In and out of the big Double D in 5 mins.
We get on the parkway east, and what to my wondering eyes doesn't appear? Traffic. There was no traffic. I got to work in 20 mins...I was only about 15 mins late. Which, the way I see it, with normal traffic and no stop is what time I would have gotten in anyway.

The only explanation is that God wanted me to have donuts this morning so he got rid of all the traffic. He was on my side. I will have to remember him for this tomorrow when I'm on the parkway east for 45mins dropping the f-bomb at all the idiots who don't know how to merge. I will think back and say, "I can handle the traffic today, for yesterday the Lord looked down upon me and said 'have a donut, I'll clear up traffic'"

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