Monday, October 5, 2009

Life has a funny way …..

Saturday started off just ok. I was running late (what else is new) and had to get out the door for Weight Watchers and when I got there I had gained 1.6 lbs L. Not a huge surprise since my points dropped drastically when I stopped nursing, but I was in a crappy mood. However, there was flackle football to be watched. The entire family gets in the car and heads down to watch my hubby and the rest of Yinz Team play some flackle football. CRAP, I left my cell phone charging in the apartment. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. Once we get to Frick Park we learn that most everyone had canceled, so no flackle.

Not all was a loss, Elianna enjoyed some much loved time outside and those of us still left at Frick Park 45 minutes later were going to lunch. Lunch was great, Elliot, me, Elianna, Anthony, Jim, Amy and little Jack enjoyed some Applebee’s in Edgewood. Elianna and Jack were even spotted holding hands, very cute. Then Anthony decides to walk home despite Jim’s several attempts to ride him back home. Now it’s around 2:30-ish in the afternoon and we are on our way back home. We merge onto the parkway heading home, there is a little bit of a back up, we come to a stop. Then the traffic starts to move (why do Pittsburghers have such a hard time going around bends and tunnels?). Just as we start to move, CRASH, we are rear ended. Nothing puts your life in perspective quite like an accident. I was in the backseat with Elianna, trying to get her to finish her bottle, and Elliot was driving. We pull over and so does the guy who hit us (THANKFULLY). Everyone was ok and the car, the car that isn’t a full year old yet, is drivable, but most likely will need a new rear bumper as the drivers side of the bumper is no longer fully attached to the car. The air bags didn’t deploy, so I’m assuming the other car wasn’t going that fast. Elianna was shaken up and very leery about getting back in the car seat, but she seems ok now.

Now you might remember that we were cell phone-less, a big thanks to Jim and Amy who ended up seeing us pulled over, stopped, called the police, and left us with a cell phone just in case. That was really awesome! (and I guess a thank you to Anthony for walking home otherwise Jim and Amy wouldn’t have been on the Parkway then.) To make a long story short, the police came we filed a report and they arrested the guy. Oh did I not mention he was drunk off his *ss? I think I will be joining my local MADD

Thankfully everyone is ok. The accident could have been a lot worse, or he could have ended up killing someone had we not be able to call the cops and he continued driving. I think I got the worse of the accident as my neck and shoulders are very sore. I will be heading to Dr. T today in hopes that he can cure me and I will be able to pick up my daughter again, because right now, it is very painful to pick her up, which makes me cry. That 1.6lb gain seems like nothing now. Honestly, I have been thinking about going back to the chiropractor, but now I have to. Sadly Elianna has already been in her first automobile accident at the tender age of 8 months. I pray that it will not negatively affect her. It did cause us to not be able to go out Saturday night, but we spent the night with my parents who came over to babysit and had a very nice evening.

Lesson learned (or what I think I should have learned) is: Everything happens for a reason, all we can do is sit back, pray everything will work out and enjoy the ride, even when you do have whiplash.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parenting Tip of the Day

When you go to a restaurant, you better have food for the baby. For the past 6 and ½ months I've enjoyed going out to restaurants with both the hubby and the baby and never having any issues. She would sit there play in her car seat and have a good old time. Now she has started sitting in a high chair which is wonderful, but don't be caught without food! This lesson was trying to be taught to us last night, but it really sunk in today.

Last night we ventured to Fuddruckers for a wonderful early b-day dinner and my free b-day burger. I came armed with a jar of pears. Little did I know I wouldn't get to eat! We couldn't get the pears into her mouth fast enough. We supplemented with some potatoes, but as it turned out we had to alternate burger eating to keep the little one contented. Lesson not fully learned there: The baby wins. If you are out, she comes first.

So this afternoon we went to Qdoba for my free b-day burrito (life is so good). We fed the baby right before we left and drove the 3 mins to our local Qdoba. We sit down to eat 2 mins later and boom!!! Baby wants food! Now she can't possibly be hungry, but she has now decided if she is at a restaurant she needs to be eating like the big kids..err her parents. Thankfully she is still learning to use a straw so a cup of water did the trick. But I will say the lesson now has been learned...I will never go to a restaurant without baby food EVER AGAIN nor do I plan on ever being able to actually eat at one, not at least until she can feed herself.

The upside is we have no problems with her eating. Which is very nice, she loves food....especially potato, but don't let her doctor hear that ;-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Write Stuff

Writing use to be my thing. I loved it. I never thought I was any good at it, so I decided not to make a career out of it. I use to write all the time; especially back when I didn't have a computer. I found it calming, soothing, relaxing, wonderful. Then life happened. I went off to school got busy got married had a job so the writing slowly went by the wayside. And that was just fine. I had other outlets. I still did write. I wrote reviews, I wrote plays, and I got a few pages into my 'great American Novel.'
I got to the point where unless I could sit down and finish something in one sitting, I wasn't interested in doing it. Again that is how I always wrote. But when I couldn't find the time to write, I stopped. It has taken me a few years to realize that a blog would be a perfect forum, and I missed it.

When this year started I resolved to make a blog. I did that, but I haven't posted much. It's been hard to find time to write. I would just much rather spend time with my cute little girl, and when she goes to do I. But something needs to change. I need to find the time to write for myself again.

I've been noticing that I have no way to vent, no way to release my stress. In high school when I was upset I would get out my notebook and write. Mostly bad poems, but some prose too. And 12 years later I find myself stressed, angry, and frustrated again. I may or may not be able to share the causes of these feelings here, but know that it is normal stuff that I'm sure you all have in your lives. Since I had no outlet for these feelings. So I did what most girls do, I turned to chocolate. But I don't want to gain 100 lbs. so I'm going back to writing. I am hoping that I will entertain whomever reads this blog as well as find the release that I need. I am writing. I might not be the greatest writer, but I hope it is the cure for what ails me

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not A Good First

This post is about a week over due, but it has taken me that long to be able to formulate the courage to finally put my thoughts down in a blog. Something happened and it was very scary, but I feel I need to share it now.

On January 1st I blogged about this being the year of new things and change, but what happened the night of the BurghMom dinner wasn’t what I had in mind and I hope this is the end of firsts like these.

I was out having the time of my life with the wonderful BurghMoms when I got the call my mom was being life flighted to the hospital. With that information I was out the door running to my car, when I fell. (yes the BurghMoms told me to be careful, but did I listen? No.) After I safely drove home and picked up my hubby, baby and Dad, we were on our way to Shady Side Hospital. Before we got there my sister, who lives in Erie, had already made several phone calls and had mom’s situation assessed. My mother had a heart attack and was on her way to the cauterization lab to see if she needed any stents. I was trying hard to keep it together because we really don’t know anything yet, but it’s really hard, especially since I’m in pain from my fall. Once we arrive at the ER the staff was wonderful in helping us. My Dad was taken to the surgical waiting area while an ER nurse convinced me to have my finger looked at. The ER staff saw my mom when she arrived so they were keeping me updated and kept calling up to the lab to see her progress. They did their best to hurry me through the ER so I could get up to my mom, but my mom beat me out!

The prognoses were I had a broken pinky finger, my first broken bone ever, and needed to follow up with an orthopedist, and my mom needed 1 stent for an artery that was 100% blocked. She will eventually have to go back to get 2 more for 2 arteries that are 70% blocked. She got to go home 3 days later and is doing great. She is in wonderful spirits and raring to go. As long as she stops smoking, eats healthier and takes her medication she shouldn’t have another one. The staff at Shady Side couldn’t have been more wonderful. All the doctors and nurses were great and kind. We couldn’t have asked for better care.

This is something that was/is very hard for me because not only is my mom my mother, she is also my best friend. I talk to her every day at least once and she helps me with everything from “how long do you cook a roast?” to “what do I do with the baby?” and everything in between. I’m not sure I would know how to go on without her. So I’m very grateful and blessed that she is ok. Thanks so much to everyone who was sending good thoughts and prayers her way.

So we can check broken bone, parental heart attack and scare of one’s life off the list of things to do and put them on the list of things that should NEVER be done again. Here’s to any future first post being about fun things like my first time skiing or cute baby firsts like crawling or walking or talking or plain old cuteness like this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just watched the season finally of Dr. Drew’s Sober House, so I feel it’s a good time to address some of my feelings about addiction in a blog.

I’ve always wondered why I LOVED Celebrity Rehab and Sober House and the like so much. Why I feel like I’m in their shoes when I watch, and their therapy is like my therapy. I don’t have a drug or alcohol problem. (though nothing like 9 months of pregnancy to make me feel like an alcoholic). I don’t have this problem, so why do I somehow feel connected to these people instead of sorry for them because they have issues they can’t control?!

Then it occurred to me, I do have an addiction problem, a HUGE one. Except unlike these celebrities I can’t quit mine cold turkey (nom nom turkey). My addiction is food. It is amazing to me how similar my food addiction is to these folks’ drug addiction. Maybe the reasons aren’t the same for the initial behavior (I had plenty of love and support from my family, they rock, so no daddy issues), but the reasons for ‘abusing the substance’ sure is. When I’m having a bad day or something didn’t go just right or I am feeling like I just can’t cope, what do I do? I reach for some food. I am the same as them. Except they get to go to the Pasadena Recovery Center, and I go to Weight Watchers. They get to chance the give up their addiction 100%! I’m not saying they have it easy, but they can live without the cocaine, crack, beer, and opiates that has kept them going for years. But I can’t just stop eating. They have the luxury of giving up their vices to save their life, but if I gave up mine it would kill me. Who needs a rehab center now?

I do try to keep my addiction at bay. I try to eat healthy and right and follow my Weight Watcher plan, but I am only human. Like Seth (“Shifty”) on Sober House went on a drug bing before rehab, I went on a food binge the day before I rejoined Weight Watchers. Us fatties are no different then those druggies, so why isn’t there more help for us? Medical plans cover rehab for drugs and alcohol, but don’t do anything for weight loss. They might give me treatment if I had an eating disorder like Anorexia or Bulimia. (again can someone explain why not eating enough is a disorder, but not being able to stop eating isn’t?)And sure they might pay for your gym membership, but does that pry the gallon of ice cream out of your hand at 1 am when you have a complete meltdown because your baby is crying and you don’t know why?

If these shows have taught me anything it’s that you can’t treat a drug/alcohol problem without going to the root of why the person is using. Where are the programs that help me get to the root of why I use/eat. I will say Weight Watchers has done wonders for me. It’s made me start to think about all of these issues, but unlike rehab I don’t get any one on one focus time to work through my personal issues, and I don’t get the accomplishment of knowing I’ve been sober for 30 days. I only have the scale, and even if it goes down I still know that one day at any moment it could go up again. I have to live everyday knowing that I have this addiction, but at the same time will never be truly capable of kicking it.
I only hope that I will learn to maintain a healthy weight and that what I have learned will help my daughter, so she doesn’t struggle with the same problems with food as I have.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Name Game

I love the name we gave our daughter. I think Elianna Irene is very pretty, but I’m having a bit of namers remorse. Everyone just assumes that she is named after my husband, Elliot, but that is not the case. He actually cringes at the thought of naming our kids after him. There won’t be any Elliot Jr’s in our future. For some reason the fact that people always jump to that conclusion makes me angry. Here is the story of how Elianna got her name.

Since we decided not to find out the sex of our child until their birthday, this made picking out names twice as hard. We obviously had to pick out both a boy and a girl name. Surprisingly the boy’s names came so easily. And I really wasn’t focused on the girl’s names since I was convinced I was having a boy. I mean I would have bet money on it. So, with a month left to go, we had narrowed our boy’s name list down to 1 (we were so set) and our girl’s name list down to about 10.

Once I was admitted we knew we had to pick a girl’s name and fast just on the off chance we were having a girl. All I knew was if we had a girl I wanted some form of Ann in the name. I wanted to name her in honor of my mom (middle name Ann) and my grandmother (named Louanna). My grandmother already threatened my life if I named my daughter Louanna. That is when I decided Ann as part of the name would be perfect. I love the idea of family names and neither of our families had any. We were starting a new tradition. We had every prefix before Anna you can think of, Lillyanna, Rehanna, Ilianna, etc. and then we also tried Ann as a middle name, Isabella Ann, Madison Ann etc. I was actually leaning towards Isabella when sitting in the hospital looking at our list Elianna popped out at me. (we found it on a baby naming site in which we viewed every name under every letter…exhausting). It had fallen out of our discussions, but there it was in my face. I said it out loud and we both knew that was the girl’s name. The middle name came just as strangely. We had only a few middle name suggestions, Ann and Grace. Well Ann was out for obvious reasons. So I said Grace is fine with me. To which my husband starting laughing hysterically and as I looked at him puzzled like he told me to think of her initials…E.G.G
Ok, I can’t have my kid’s initials be egg. We were stuck. We hadn’t talk about any other names, still thought it was a boy so no biggie, right? Then Elliot looks at me and says “What about Irene after my grandmother?” PERFECT! My great-grandmother’s name was also Irene. I couldn’t think of more fitting name than Elianna Irene.

To set the record straight: she is named after the women of both our families and not her dad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Labor of Love

No one ever said giving birth was easy. I was under no delusions that it would be, but I was in no way prepared for how my beautiful daughter was going to enter the world.
It all started quite innocently Thursday Jan. 22nd. I went to the doctors for my regular 36 week check up, but something wasn’t regular. My blood pressure was up and I had some blurry vision earlier in the week. I was sent to Magee for some further tests to see if I had pre-eclampsia. After a few hours they decided they wanted to keep me for 24 hours. After 24 hours the diagnosis was in. I had pre-eclampsia. The only treatment was delivery of baby. I had already had a sonogram on the 22nd and they estimated her birth weight to be 6lbs 14oz. A good size for a healthy delivery, however, the hospital policy is not to induce until 37 weeks. After some discussion they decided Monday the 26th was 37 weeks and I was going to be induced on Sunday night at 9pm. After 3 nights in the hospital I couldn’t wait to be induced. The only problem was I had 0 progressions. Not dilated, not effaced…nothing.
My induction started at 9pm Sunday night with some softening of the cervix. This experience was very painful and I will not go into detail, but I enjoyed the contractions a lot more. Not to mention they had to repeat this process. By Monday morning I was not much further along. This is when they started the Patocin IV drip. The doctors decided no more examines until I had an epidural because they were so painful. So Monday 1/26/09 at 4pm the epidural goes in and the doctor breaks my water and I start the magnesium drip. Still nothing. I think I was around 2cm. by Tuesday 1/27/09 at 4am (31 hours later). I’m ready to throw in the towel and get the C-Section, but everyone seems to think this is going to happen naturally. So I go with the flow. The contractions are coming, but they aren’t bad and I’ve been handling this pretty well. Until they tell me it’s time to start pushing. There is a pain in my hips that will just not go away. So they decide I need a new epidural, and that my original one must have moved or something. So they do a new epidural and things are peachy again. So now it’s Tuesday 1/27/09 around 1:45 pm. I start pushing. I’m doing it! It’s not so bad, I’m breathing I’m pushing and after about an hour I’m exhausted, and then the pain comes back. The pain in my hips is now unbearable. They call the anesthesiologist back in, but there is nothing he can do. Poor guy. By now I’m doubled over in pain, it feels like my hips are going to be separated from my body at any moment. I’m torn between the urge to push and the thought that if someone had a machete all this pain would be over quick. So now I’m begging for some other way to get this kid out. The nurse says “how?” to which I was not amused and said I didn’t care just get it out. The Doctor then asked if I wanted a C-section, to which I quickly answered YES!!! The nice guy said he kinda hates to do it now since I’ve been in labor so long. At this point I just want it to be over.
Good thing I asked for a C-section. Reason #1, once I got in the OR the baby’s heart rate dropped, so they most likely would have had to do an emergency C-section if I had kept pushing. Reason #2 baby was transverse. Her little face was facing up so she may have never fitted through my pelvis. Now I’m questioning the competency of the entire hospital.
But finally on Tuesday January 27th at 3:36 pm my little girl was born. And honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Open Letter to Bret Michael

Dear Bret,

I have enjoyed Rock of Love 1, 2 and now Bus. I love the fact that you are from Pittsburgh, and I appreciate how hard it is for you to find true love being a Rock Star. But let’s be honest here, you aren’t really looking for someone to be your wife anymore. I seriously believed you in Rock of Love 2, Ambre was the perfect girl for you (and you almost dumped her on day one). I wish she didn’t want a career for herself because I could see you two together, forever. But after episode 3 of Bus, I question your motives. At first I was willing to forgive you for all the silicone you kept on the Bus, I just figured you might want to use them as air bags in case of a bus accident. And you even kicked off the girl who had plastic surgery to look like Daisy in the first round—you were so on the right track. But taking your girls to a strip club on a first date? Come on! do you really want someone to be your ‘soul mate’ who would just strip down in front of anyone? And it was totally un-cool of you to rag on Beverly because she didn’t want to dance like a whore! She has kids dude, she doesn’t want to embarrass them plus that isn’t the type of girl she is. From everything you say Beverly is the perfect girl for you this season. She is smart, pretty, she is into your music, she is athletic, and everything you claim to look for in a mate. The only thing is those type of girls are consistently the girls you get rid of, just to keep the T&A around. I will give you that Beverly isn’t all T&A and she may not be the ‘hottest’ girl there, but she is more of what you say you want than any other girl there. And what did you do to her in week 3? You had her as the final 2 with the crazy porno clepto chick! At least Beverly isn’t an idiot like 95% of the girls there. I’m sure Ashley couldn’t carry on a decent conversation for more than 3 minutes. I appreciate the fact you want a hot chick. And I’m not denying chemistry in the bedroom isn’t important. But Brett, please remember what makes a relationship last…personality. Looks fade, but stupidity is forever. So Brett I beg you keep Beverly around and give her a real chance. After all we all know what you are really looking for and that is a Pittsburgh girl, you’ve been spoiled. And after all we all know that Pittsburgh girls are 100% real. We don’t need to get our breasts pumped up to size triple G, because if we did, we couldn’t fit in our Steelers’ jersey. So Brett good luck in finding love on a Bus, but when you don’t, I’ll be watching season 4…Rock of Love Pittsburgh where you will find your real soul mate.



Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Musings

I'm home today, no work, so you get 2 posts. From time to time things happen that make me go hmmmmmmmm. Kinda like in the C&C Music Factory way. Here is a list of things for today.

1. Oh Target, why do you sell these? Do people really need to wear these pants pictured here?

2. Dear Lady at Target today, When did it become acceptable to talk on a cell phone in a public bathroom?

3. Why do I have a pair of XL Maternity pants that no longer fit, but my L Maternity pants do?

4. Work computer, why couldn't I access you from home today? You play this game of when I really don't need you, I can get you, but when I need you, you are not found.

5. Hormones. Only you can make me cry at an episode of Desperate Housewives where someone I didn't even know was a character died.

6. Why does spending 8 hours at work feels like it is an eternity. Spending 8 hours at home, feels like 5 minutes.

Hang Over Monday

It all started Saturday night. With the snow. So we decided that Sunday we were 'snowed in' and didn't have to go anywhere. Which was very exciting for me a Lazy Sunday. Just look how beautiful it was outside.

So since I wasn't going anywhere, why bother showering and getting dressed right? And what harm is that? There was no motivation, and sadly the motivation hasn't set in today either.
Well on a normal Monday I would have no problem, but today is Hang Over Monday! The Steelers won the AFC Championship last night. It was such an exciting game I thought I might go into labor during the 4th quarter! Luckily I didn't. But I was up late watching the news, and just enjoying the win. Thankfully today is a work holiday so I didn't have to get up early and get dressed, but now I still see no reason to shower and get dressed. The only thing that is helping me is that I think the cat is avoiding me until I shower ;). That and I need to go to the Post Office. I'm also stuck between feeling gross and not caring. Which is sad. So I will just suck it up and shower and be done with it. But the lesson learned is, it's never good to let a Lazy Sunday turn into a Hang Over Monday, because then I think you are just one step away from being mistaken for being homeless.
The good thing about today is that WTMD in Baltimore will be broadcasting 6 songs from WYEP Pittsburgh today at 1pm. This was all part of a bet between WYEP and WTMD on who was going to win the AFC Championship. Looks like WTMD lost!! Take that Baltimore. I hope it's the Here We Go Song 6 times in a row!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why the Steelers Will Win the Super Bowl.

This post may be a bit premature. But this thought occurred to me today during my 1 hour and 15 minute commute of 10 miles this morning.

The thought: The Steelers will win the Super Bowl in Tampa. Not simply because they are the best team, even though we all know they are ;).

There is only one good, solid, unarguable reason that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl. And that reason is: Our baby will be born in 2009.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, here is how I see it. Steelers Super Bowl wins are in the baby’s DNA. My husband was born the year the Steelers won Super Bowl 9. The year I was born the Steelers Super Bowl 13. And since we were both born in such wonderful Steelers success, how can our child not be born the year of a Steelers Super Bowl victory?

The way I see it baby will be born the year the Steelers won the Super Bowl, Super Bowl 43. And then I will have to plan out all of baby’s siblings (if we choose to have more kids after baby comes) births to coincide with Steelers Super Bowl Victories.

P.S. Please don’t blame my post if the Steelers lose against Baltimore. We all know it is really Mayor SteelerStahl’s fault for changing his name.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God Loves Donuts

This was my morning. I woke up early, and thought "Sweet Jesus, I'm up early I can stop at Dunkin Donuts, let me sit and watch the news for 5 mins before I shower."
Well, 45 mins later, I wake up on the couch just in time for my usual shower time, but since Hubby had to shower too this morning this put me on late time. So after we both are ready we head to the car. He's driving me to work, I look at the clock, and see that I need to be at work in 15 mins, but it's at least a 30 min drive. So I make the decision, it's donut time. Screw on-time-ness, heck I was staying late tonight anyway and I really wanted some donuts. So we drive the 5 mins out of the way to Dunkin Donuts. SCORE!!!
I decide to try to make things better at work, since now I should be pushing 45 mins late, I would buy everyone some munchkins. This way they will forget what time I walked in the door. In and out of the big Double D in 5 mins.
We get on the parkway east, and what to my wondering eyes doesn't appear? Traffic. There was no traffic. I got to work in 20 mins...I was only about 15 mins late. Which, the way I see it, with normal traffic and no stop is what time I would have gotten in anyway.

The only explanation is that God wanted me to have donuts this morning so he got rid of all the traffic. He was on my side. I will have to remember him for this tomorrow when I'm on the parkway east for 45mins dropping the f-bomb at all the idiots who don't know how to merge. I will think back and say, "I can handle the traffic today, for yesterday the Lord looked down upon me and said 'have a donut, I'll clear up traffic'"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your love is like Bad TV, and Bad TV is what I need

I would like to consider myself an educated woman. I would like to think I have good taste. I enjoy reading and museums and the theater and the symphony. So why is it I can't get enough of bad TV? I wish I could say my bad TV addiction was limited to classier fair that comes on the history channel or at least TLC, but sadly I'm addicted to VH1. It started out harmlessly with a little Scott Baio here and bit of Bret Michaels there. It was so innocent and fun like a train wreck where no one got hurt except slutty whores. Well Scott Baio's show was a bit better done and there weren't as many whores and it felt like a real show.
But I was hooked. I've followed it up with several seasons of both shows, including the new Rock of Love Bus. But they turned out to be just gateway TV. I soon fell into very bad TV, probably the worse TV ever. With shows like Celebrity Rehab, Rock of Love Charm School and I Love Money. I can't stop. I must watch these ex-strippers, former celebrities, and wanna be celebrities live their life and fight for their man, their sobriety and even for a few bucks. This is worse than Lifetime. I just can't turn the channel. I've even taken to Tivoing these episodes!
These folks are so classy that in the last episode of Rock of Love a bi-sexual stripper put a test tube shot in her va-jay-jay and another chick (who is only a lesbian when she has been drinking) drank it. Nothing says quality TV like some wanna-bes trying to be famous and doing ANYTHING to prove it.
I wish I could turn away from this TV and focus on quality fair like the new or PBS, but even as I type this I am looking forward to Sober House....Andy Dick joins the former cast of Celebrity Rehab and try to live in LA Sober!!!! My TIVO IS SET.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Start of a New...Something...

As 2009 begins everyone is making resolutions. I am no execption. I usually hate making resolutions, but this year is different. This year I feel like change is all around us and it's impossible not to get involved. So here are 4 resolutions I'm making.

1) Write more
I've always had the urge to write. I always felt as though I had things to share. But have never been focused/disciplined enough to actually do it. 2008 brought so many new wonderful people in my life and what did they have in common? They were all into social media and blogging. So I figured what better way to jump back into writing than blogging. I can't promise I will blog daily, but my goal is at least once a week. Focus and discipline here I come.

2) Panic less

I am a very panicky. Which leads to being a huge worrier. Which will probably cause me to have a stroke or an ulcer. That aside, I am due to give birth next month and I need to learn how to relax. Not only will it help the birthing process, it should help me be a better first time mom. This may be the hardest resolution anyone has every made. But I will succeed, or at least panic that I won't ;).

3) Live by the idea that "Less is More"

With a baby on the way, a new car, hopefully a house, and the economy tanking this year there is no better time to cut back than '09. That means less trips to Starbucks and Cogo's and being more prepared. Basically before I purchase something I need to ask myself "Do I really need that?" if the answer is no, I won't buy it. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But Less is More, doesn't just apply to new purchases. I will be purging my current life as well. Clothes I don't wear-gone, movies/books/cds I don't watch/read/listen to-gone, email that has been in my inbox since 2000-gone. I have so much extra clutter physical and cyber that I need to let go of. Less is More!

4) Clean more

Cleaning more kinda flows directly from the above. I need to work on keeping my apt. livable. Right now (and most of the time) I would be mortified if a visitor just stopped in. So the cleaning goal means if anyone drops by, my apt. will be presentable and I won't want to hang my head in shame.

So that is a bit about me. Most of my posts won't be this long, but when you start something, it takes some explaing. I hope you will share this journey with me.